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Winter 2013: vol. 12, no. 1

  Whither American Labor?


Melvyn Dubofsky: Does Organized Labor Have a Future?

Bill Fletcher, Jr.: Now What? Labor Unions and Class Struggle

Michael Hirsch: So Why Don’t We Have Better Unions?

Rand Wilson and Steve Early: Is it Time for Just Cause?


Douglas Kellner : Sandy Hook and the Media Celebrity Society

Lawrence Davidson: Israel’s 2013 Elections

Kevin Anderson: Resistance versus Emancipation

Spencer J. Pack: How the Right Got Adam Smith Wrong

Axel Fair-Schulz: Stefan Heym’s Humanist Socialism


Alicia Ostriker: Ghazal: America the Beautiful

Andy Clausen: Home of the Blues

Eliot Katz: Poem Written During and After Hurricane Sandy


Leonard Quart: Michael Haneke’s Amour

Book Reviews

John G. Rodwan, Jr. on Kurt Vonnegut and his Admirers

Peter N. Kirstein: Oliver Stone’s America

Brian Trench on Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma 

Warren Leming on Kevin Avery’s Everything is an Afterthought

Lost & Found Books

Kurt Jacobsen on Nelson Algren’s Nonconformity: Writing on Writing