a journal of modern society & culture

2015: vol. 14, no. 1


Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker & Michael J. Thompson: The Treason of the Radical Intellectuals

Philip Green: After Ferguson: Notes on Oppression

Moses E. Ochonu: The Nigerian National Crisis

Kevin B. AndersonKarl Marx and Intersectionality

Michael P. McCabe: Toward a Radical Climate Movement

Mark Worrell: Discarding Simmel: Neoliberalism and Potlatch Capitalism 

John Clark: Regarding the Spectacle: Debord in Retrospect

Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man at 50

Arnold Farr: Refusing Whitfield and Rethinking Marcuse

Stephen Eric Bronner: One-Dimensional Man at Fifty

Film Review

Leonard Quart and Al Auster: Selma

Book Reviews

Review Essay: Howard Zinn
    Reviewed by Peter N. Kirstein 

Review Essay: The Invisible Bridge, by Rick Pearlstein
   Reviewed by Robin Melville

Bertolt Brecht: A Literary Life, by Stephen Parker
   Reviewed by Warren Leming

The Corpse Washer, by Sinan Antoon
   Reviewed by Erik Eliav Freas

An Uncertain Glory, by Jean Dreeze and Amartya Sen
by Sucharita Mukherjee