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Editorial Profile

Logos reaches a broad audience in and outside of the United States, reaching well over 120 countries worldwide. We appear four times each year and publish articles on modern society, culture, politics and the arts which focus on domestic and global issues and concerns. Our readers are interested in politics, culture, the arts and issues that relate to modern thought and society. Advertising with Logos will enable you to reach a wide range of readers who visit its pages consistently.

Logos‘ average hits:

monthly — 450,000 hits
daily — 15,000 hits
hourly — 650 hits

Rates and Ad Specs

Ads will appear in the next available issue. Each ad is purchased for an issue which runs for approximately 3 months. When an issue is moved to the archives, the ads for that issue are removed. We accept ads starting at 230 x 200 pixels in size. Ads cannot be wider than 230 pixels, but can be longer. Simply add $25 for each additional 100 pixels in length.

230 X 200 pixels

Base price and size: 230 X 200 = $75.

Add $25 for each additional 100 pixels in length. For example, 230 X 300 pixels = $100, 230 X 400 pixels = $125, etc.

Ads are accepted in GIF, JPEG, or Flash animation formats. Please contact Pauline Zalkin by email or by phone at 718-564-5629 about advertising details or any questions.

Disclaimer: By advertising, you and your agency represent that your material is properly authorized and that any necessary consents have been obtained. By advertising, you and your agency jointly and severally indemnify Logos International Foundation and all employees and agents against all legal claims, actions and expenses. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material we deem inconsistent with our standards. Rates are subject to correction or change at any time.

Logos is a publication of the Logos International Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the critical analysis of modern society, culture and politics in its global and local contexts.