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Art: The Covid Series

Ralph Bakshi

The major American animator, director, artist, and longtime friend of Logos, Ralph Bakshi, has recently produced a series of paintings inspired by his bouts with Covid.

Of the experience, Bakshi writes:

“When painting a still life or a landscape, you get many different feelings as the painting moves on. With the covid paints, no feeling changed… ever. Not once.”

Bakshi is also contributing to efforts to provide relief and assistance to victims of the Maui fires. You can learn more by visiting his website.

“I Have Covid 1” by Ralph Bakshi


2020 Covid by Ralph Bakshi


Covid Warrior by Ralph Bakshi


I Have Covid 2 by Ralph Bakshi

For over five decades, Ralph Bakshi has been a pioneering figure in American animation. His many films include: Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, Wizards, The Lord of the Rings, American Pop, and Cool World. You can learn more about Bakshi and his current work at his website.