a journal of modern society & culture

2018: vol. 17, no. 2


Melvyn Dubofsky: Janus and the Future of Organized Labor

Stephen Eric Bronner: Gangster Politics

Jack Crumley and Gary Jones: A Moral Vindication of Roe v. Wade

Lord Dick Taverne: Was Brexit Inevitable?

Seth Adler: Rethinking Identity Politics

Michel Kail and Richard Sobel: What Can Liberty Do?

Paola Cavalieri: Humanism’s New Frontiers

Dick Howard: The New Left and the Marxian Legacy

Karel Ludenhoff: Marx, Socialism and the Ecology 

Review Essay

Nicholas Jacobs: Goethe – Life as a Work of Art


Book Reviews

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri: Assembly
    Reviewed by Jose Mauricio Domingues

Peggy Seeger, First Time Ever: A Memoir
    Reviewed by Warren Leming

Asad Haider, Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump
    Reviewed by Aidan J. Beatty

Malachi O’Doherty, Gerry Adams: An Unauthorised Life
    Reviewed by Kurt Jacobsen

Andrew Feenberg, Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason
    Reviewed by Adeline Barbin